Healthy Gums

Continued research has linked gum disease to diabetes, heart disease & low birth weight in babies. In an effort to rid your teeth of the plaque & tartar that causes gum disease (gingivitis) & tooth decay, your dental care hygienist may suggest a regimen of care that requires more frequent visits to our office. These visits are recommended to remove the offending plaque & tartar.

Periodontics & Gingivitis

Periodontal disease, commonly called gum disease, can lead to more than just an unsightly smile—it can cause loss of teeth & eventually, if left untreated, other more serious health problems. Called gingivitis in its early stages, periodontal disease is caused by excessive toxic bacteria (found in plaque) that attack your mouth’s soft tissues. Early warning signs of this disease include red, swollen or bleeding gums. If caught early, we can help you reverse the damage. If detected late, we can use one of the many effective restorative dentistry procedures to restore your mouth to its healthy & beautiful state. At Diablo Hills Dental Excellence, we can help you keep your teeth & gums strong & disease-free with regular examinations & cleanings plus specialized interventions to treat periodontal disease if needed.

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, we will recommend that you come in for a deep cleaning. While it may sound like just a more intense teeth cleaning, deep cleanings are actually the gold standard of treatment for patients diagnosed with gum disease. This procedure is also sometimes referred to as Scaling & Root Planing.

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